Michael Tobis on Climate: “The Bad Stuff is Getting Closer”

by Plutopia News Network
Michael Tobis considers himself a cyberneticist, in the original sense of the word cybernetic, where it suggests the optimal use of information in decision-making. He has two degrees in engineering and a PhD in climate science. He got into climate as it seemed to him to provide a good test case for the question “how does society account for complex information”? He was not expecting the answer to be, unfortunately, “very badly”. So now his core interest is how the feedback loop between expertise and society got broken, and how to fix it.
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Robert Callaghan August 18, 2018 - 8:22 pm

1.5° C = 50% Reductions in 10 Years + 2° C = 100% Reductions in 20 Years (It gets worse)
Why We Must Reduce Emissions 100X Faster Than Now


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