Jane Hirshfield: A Poetry of Balance

by Plutopia News Network
Jane Hirshfield - Photo by Curt Richter

Jane Hirshfield is an award-winning poet, translator, essayist, and editor. She’s written nine books of poetry. Her latest book, Ledger, “poses meticulous equations of the self coping with doubt, hunger, age, and death.” (Donna Seaman, Booklist). Maria Popova at Brainpickings.org describes her as “a poet of optimism and of lucidity.” In our Plutopia conversation, we discuss the transformatiave nature and purpose of poetry. As part of our conversation, Jane reads her poems “I want to be surprised” and “Today another universe.”


“A poem about finding life while we shelter in place” in the San Francisco Chronicle

“Before the Collapse,” a review of Ledger by Jake Marmer in Tablet

“On writing poems facing into the broken world,” a conversation with Kaveh Akbar in The American Poetry Review.

“Think you don’t like poetry? Try Jane Hirshfield’s Ledger” an excellent review by Elizabeth Crane, in Vox.

Photo by Curt Richter

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