Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Plutopia News Network values your privacy, and we don’t fiddle with your data.

This privacy policy explains what limited user data we do collect, and for what purposes. This policy may change in the future – if you think it is relevant to you, we suggest that you check it periodically.

The Plutopia News Network collects limited personal information through its contact forms, and for our public email list. We collect names, emails, and information related to potential or current clients, companies, and their projects.

We use this info in gathering your feedback and/or questions, or to provide access to our rather amazing content via email.

The information collected is not shared with third parties with these exceptions:

  • Email signups, which are stored with a third party bulk email service provider, Mailchimp.
  • Patreon signups. You may sign up with Patreon to provide support.
  • Paypal. If you make a payment or donation to us via Paypal, some of your data will be stored with that service.

We’re always clear about how personal information will be used, and we never use it for a purpose other than that described, and never without your permission.

Also, when you browse our website, we may collect information about your visit and your web browsing. That information may include

  • your IP address,
  • your operating system,
  • your browser ID,
  • your browsing activity, and
  • other information about how you interacted with our website.

We may collect this information as part of website log files, as well as via the use of cookies.

A cookie is a small piece of data that a website stores on your computer when you browse the site. Cookies provide a way to keep track of user interactions with a website (e.g. remembering items added to a shopping cart at an ecommerce site, recording and tracking browsing activity, remembering information entered via forms). Cookies may also be used to detect whether or not you’re logged into a site, and some third-party tracking cookies are used to track you on the current site as well as other sites.

Plutopia News Network makes limited use of cookies, primarily for tracking analytics anonymously so we can have an idea how many people have visited our site and how they’ve used it, and potentially to enhance your social media experience. We may also use cookies to temporarily store contact form data, and to manage your sessions when you visit our site.

As mentioned above, we store names and email addresses of interested parties who voluntarily sign up for our email lists in a system called Mailchimp. This information is used to transmit news and information, and is not shared with any other third party.

Plutopia News Network will never disclose any of your sensitive information without your affirmative consent.

If you have any concern about information Plutopia News Network has collected about you, or feel that information so collected has been inappropriately disclosed or misused, please notify us immediately via our contact form, email to info at or letter to Plutopia News Network, 3110 Sasparilla Cv, Austin, Tx 78748.

Plutopia News Network commits to resolve complaints about our collection or use of your personal information. Individuals with inquiries or complaints regarding our privacy policy should contact Plutopia News Network as mentioned above.

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