Tom Jennings Redux: Civil War 2021

by Plutopia News Network
Photo of Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings joins Plutopians for a free-range, grass-fed conversation about programming and software, Afghanistan, racism, the Civil War, Tom’s FrankenRambler, and much more. Tom is a Los Angeles-based artist, tech, and AMC Rambler aficionado. He is known for his work on FidoNet, the first message and file networking system for BBSes. He’s also known for his work at Phoenix Technologies on MS-DOS integration and interoperability.

Tom Jennings: “The Civil War is actually a technological war, and a communication war, and a commerce war. And there’s a map of 1870 United States – Maine, Florida, etc. – and then you take a map of 2020, 2021, of the bad health outcome Covid states – same map. It has not changed. We have never really ended the Civil War, and we don’t even talk amongst ourselves, from grade school onward, about anything honest about the Civil War.”

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