About the Plutopia News Network

by plutopiann
Plutopia News Network

Plutopia News Network is trying to make sense of the world, have some fun along the way, and bow to the music of the spheres!

The Plutopia News Network is…

  • a podcast featuring conversations with interesting people, edited, published, and produced by Jon Lebkowsky and Scoop Sweeney.
  • A weekly livestream conversations ranging from dead serious to crazy amusing, featuring Jon and Scoop and Suzy Shelor, and often featuring special guests.
  • Radio Free Plutopia, a weekly Internet radio show featuring Scoop and Jon playing music from their extensive, eclectic libraries.

Our original focus was on the bleeding edges of culture and technology, and we still go there. But we’ve expanded to interview a broader range of people with stories we find interesting.

We take a dim view of the current state of politics, and media channels that support the thrash. We want to discourage identification with parties and candidates, focusing instead on what Doug Rushkoff calls Team Human. We want to undermine the performative politics du jour and encourage people to pay attention to other things than the culture wars on cable news, and to reject the 24/7 infotainment news cycles that the right has leveraged so well, while shining a light on evidence of corruption and authoritarian intent.

Scoop and Jon also host a weekly radio show, called “Radio Free Plutopia,” on Scoop’s Internet radio station, “ATX The Last Radio Show.” Radio Free Plutopia currently streams live 4-6pm Saturday afternoons. And if you listen to the station outside those hours, you’ll still hear Scoop’s steady stream of great rock and roll! And you can listen to Radio Free Plutopia anytime via the show archive at Mixcloud.

We’re Ad-Free

We really don’t have a business model — we’re doing this for fun, not money. However we do have expenses, and we appreciate tips via Paypal.