Christopher Rice and Donna Kidwell: The Future of Higher Education

by Plutopia News Network
Donna Kidwell and Christopher Rice

“It’s not just robust, it’s not just resilient, but we will be stronger on the other side of adversity. So we went into the pandemic expecting to come out a more robust institution. If you went into the pandemic thinking you’d weather the storm, but that it was a storm, and it would pass – I had colleagues that thought this was like a long spring break … well, this was a hell of a long spring break, if that’s what you thought going in.”

“If you were prepared, you were in great shape. But most universities just didn’t have access to a robust technology stack for online learning. They didn’t have access to a great ed tech or teaching and learning center team that could do this. Folks that did, let me just say, they were real heroes, working tirelessly around the clock to do what was an unthinkable lift only a day before they had started.”

Christopher Rice is the Founder and Managing Partner of Refuturing, where he leads foresight, strategy and research activities. As a futurist, ethnographer, experience designer, educator and political theorist, his work over the last 20+ years has explored the intersections of society, technology, economics, the environment and politics.

Donna Kidwell is Chief Information Security & Digital Trust Officer at Arizona State University. She was formerly Chief Technology Officer for EdPlus, where she led a diverse IT portfolio and a team centered around digitally serving learners everywhere.

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