Ed Cavazos: AI and the Law

by Plutopia News Network
Photo of Ed Cavazos.

Attorney Ed Cavazos specializes in technology and intellectual property law. He joins the Plutopia podcast this time as we explore artificial intelligence, content moderation, and telemedicine. Ed feels that lawsuits to stop AI programs like ChatGPT and open AI will likely fail.

Ed Cavazos:

There will be temptation to overreact. And we could lose some real valuable benefits of these technologies if we do that. I don’t know if this is a great place to be, right? I mean, the world may have been better the day before they unleashed this stuff, but it’s out there now. And I actually am optimistic that there will be more benefits than harm. But the harm is real. The dangers are real. And I mean, we could just go down a list, right? And we could get things wrong. We could get bad medical advice. It could be used to scam you – you think it – email scams and voice scams, the Nigerian prince type thing – you think it’s bad now? I think wait for those guys to start leveraging AI to make it really hard to know if you’re talking to someone real or someone fake. And all that’s coming. I know that’s out there. I know that’s bad stuff. But I think the legal system is just going to have to deal and try to keep up with it. I don’t think we can kill it.

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