Gary Gach Returns: Covid-19, Mindfulness, and Equanimity

by Plutopia News Network

Gary Gach returns to the Plutopia Podcast to discuss mindfulness and joy in the era of Covid-19. Our conversation was inspired in part by Gary’s March Lion’s Roar essay, “Practicing Equanimity in a State of Emergency.” Excerpt:

To flex your mindfulness muscle, you might try this brief exercise. Visualize the now-familiar COVID-19 virus for a moment. As you see it, what comes to mind? Notice if your body signals fear. If so, where does your body express it? Is your breathing shallow? Heart skipping a beat? Are there tingly sensations? A stab of cold? Since our body is often the first-responder at the scene of emotional difficulty, it’s wise to discern, accept, and understand these patterns before they proliferate.

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