Jean Russell: Thrivability

by Plutopia News Network
Jean Russell

Plutopian discussion with visionary culture hacker Jean M. Russell, focusing on thrivability, healthcare, twisting language for political gains, social media, and much more.

Jean engages in a social ecosystem design, culture hacking, and facilitation as a visionary but also a pragmatist. She acted as project lead for the Holo ICO, which raised 30,000 ETH (valued at $22M at that time).

In 2016 with Herman Wagter, she published Cultivating Flows: How Ideas Become Thriving Organizations, which explored, through leading edge practitioners, what patterns enable healthy emergence. In 2013, Jean published Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World That Works, also with Triarchy Press. In 2010, Jean curated 65 inspiring people to create: Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch, which has been seen by over 50,000 viewers.

She has published articles on organizational design strategies, and her work on thrivability, innovation, philanthropy, and cultural shifts has been highlighted in The Economist, Harvard Business Review, and Stanford Social Innovation Review. As recognition for her work, Jean received an honorable mention on the Enrich List as one of the top 200 people enriching our path to a sustainable future. She is also listed as one of 100 Women Globally Co-creating a P2P Society.

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