Joanna Bryson: Artificial and Natural Intelligence

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In this Plutopia podcast, we’re joined by Joanna Bryson, an academic expert in intelligence, both natural and artificial. In a conversation led by Wendy Grossman, we explore intelligence, both artificial and natural.

Bryson has experience in programming and systems administration in several commercial sectors, and degrees in both psychology and AI from Chicago, Edinburgh, and MIT. She has been a professor since joining University of Bath Computer Science in 2002. Since 2008 she has been increasingly involved in AI policy and AI regulation, advising governments, NGOs, and corporations.

Joanna Bryson:

“The problem here is not with robots taking over the world, but with people taking over the world (or at least corrupting large parts of it) by pretending that robots are responsible. In fact people and corporations that decide how robots act.

“The fact is, robots completely belong to us. We author AI, we don’t give birth to it. People, governments and companies build, own and program robots. Whoever owns and operates a robot is responsible for what it does.”

AI Ethics: Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and Society


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