Max Nofziger’s Climate Activism

by Plutopia News Network
Photo of Max Nofziger

Climate activist, former hippie flower salesman and politician Max Nofziger returns to the Plutopia podcast. We discuss Max’s political career in Austin, his environmental activism, his in-progress memoir and much more.

Max Nofziger:

You know, I led those campaigns to stop fossil fuel plants. And nobody wants to do that now, you know why? Because it’s really hard. When we campaigned against the lignite plant, our opponents said if we don’t have it, people are going to freeze in the dark. Okay, scare tactic. We won anyhow; nobody froze in the dark – back then. Now they do. But back then… And then when we shut down the four coal plants, that was the argument then, people are going to freeze in the dark. No they’re not! Nobody… there were no brownouts, there were not blackouts, nobody froze in the dark. So we shut down power plants, and managed to fill that void, that gap, with solar power, energy conservation, and wind power.

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