Michael Garfield: Midwifing New Myths

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Michael Garfield by I Must Be Dead Photography - Michael Garfield

Many of us are searching for a conscious understanding and a clearer sense of the meaning of our lives in an interdependent evolutionary context, so that we can find our way to a trajectory that is more healthy and positive. What conversations do we need to have in order to evolve? Our conversation this week with transmedia poet-philosopher and “Paleontologist-Futurist” Michael Garfield is, we think, one of those essential transdisciplinary conversations. Originally a paleontologist, Michael currently hosts the “Future Fossils” podcast, and produces both art and music as well as inspiring conversations. He sees himself as midwifing new myths that can cultivate the curiosity and play we’ll need to thrive in our accelerating age, understanding that no one perspective is sufficient.

What Michael’s about: “Trained in evolutionary biology for dinosaur science before getting “distracted” by origins of life and evolution of intelligence explorations; studied integral theory + multimethodological research in grad school; spent the last decade as the most scientific guy in the room at festivals all over the world (playing music and making art and speaking on themes that would eventually become Future Fossils Podcast); fundamentally a “critique by creating” critic of the increasingly-useless and never-actually-all-that-real boundaries between art, science, and religion; convinced that the Internet is a psychedelic that the whole world ate at once and that the crisis of our age is akin to navigating through psychedelic anxiety to prevent a traumatic bad trip.”

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