Midterm Voting, Twitter, and the Wyrd

by Plutopia News Network
Image of voters abducted by a UFO!

Plutopians enjoy a free-form fiesta of facts and fictions! Jon, Suzy and Scoop discuss voting, Austin politics, Twitter, politics on Tik Tok, cannabis politics, Trump in 2024, and other nightmares.

Suzy: I’m off Twitter. I’ll never Twit again.

Jon: Oh, really?

Suzy: No, I’m done. Did you see what happened, the spike in the use of racial slurs, most particularly the “n” word? 500% up.

Jon: After that, he [Elon] said that, “Well, we’re not really going to change moderation policies right now….” I don’t know whether they kicked any of those people off or what they did about it. He’s in a bit of a quandary, because he made all of this noise about how he was going to have this great free speech thing going, but he’s going to lose all of his advertisers.

Scoop: Yeah, that’s who’s being lobbied to get out of Elon’s business, because they are going to look bad if they stick around, and it becomes the hellscape that people are thinking it’s going to be.

From Jon L.: Almost down to the wire with 2022 midterms, we decided a discussion of voting was in order. However Elon Musk was shitting on all the news cycles, so we had to go there, too. Our stream of consciousness flowed pretty well on this show, considering that apocalyptic nature of the subjects we were discussing. Help us row the boat, navigate the stream!

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