Nancy White: Life Online

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With online host, interaction designer and facilitator Nancy White, Plutopians Scoop and Jon explore online community, social media, macro- vs micro-connections, and much more.

Nancy’s done international work supporting and practicing online and face to face group facilitation. She’s focused on distributed work, strategic planning, social learning, communities and networks. She knows a LOT about online community development and management. And a lot about social media stuff, as well.

Nancy White: We’re de-civilizing. We’re un-developing. And that, as a society, we’ve become far more individualistic, and our sense of community – which brings along with it a certain level of baseline trust, right? – has fractured in so many places. And I think – if you think about this kind of parallel track of what social media encourages, which is content, liking, numbers, scanning across this kind of – like, seeing a bunch of things, and maybe noticing patterns – it doesn’t really say “Let’s go deeper.” It doesn’t really say “Let’s get to know each other.” The content is driving it, not the relationship. Relationship certainly can emerge, but you’ve got a software that really doesn’t make it super easy, and you have lifestyles that almost resist it.

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