Nate Wilcox: Realpolitik

by Plutopia News Network
Photo of Nate Wilcox

Nate Wilcox has many opinions and he is not afraid to use them all. Nate joins the Plutopia podcast this time as we discuss politics, politicians, and other dangerous predators.

Nate is a former political consultant turned MMA blogger (noting the similarity of politics to mixed martial arts). He’s publisher of “The MMA Draw Newsletter” and “Let It Roll” podcast (the latter is currently on hiatus). Nate joins the Plutopia podcast to discuss various political topics, highlighting how Trump’s unexpected rise to presidency was initially a strategy to gain leverage in reality TV negotiations. Wilcox provides an in-depth analysis of American politics, criticizing both major parties and their handling of power, policy, and military strategy. He draws parallels between contemporary political figures and historical events, questioning the effectiveness and motivations behind current leadership. The conversation covers Biden’s cognitive state, the influence of corporate interests, and the long-term implications of foreign policy decisions, painting a picture of a deeply flawed and corrupt political system.

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Nate Wilcox (on Trump):

If you look at the details of how he got into this situation, it’s Shakespearean! I mean, basically the guy wanted to show the producers at NBC that, hey, assholes, you should be paying me more money to star on whatever reality show it was because look at how good my polling numbers are gonna be. And he never thought he would win. He didn’t even really intend to get the nomination. And there are accurate accounts of election night 2016 where he’s just as shocked and horrified as anybody else that he’s getting elected. And now he’s in this position where if he doesn’t run for office, he goes to prison. So his interests are pretty easy to see through. I mean, the guy wants to eat cheeseburgers, talk about himself, and not go to prison and get money out of people.

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