Owen McNally: Challenges in Healthcare Technology

by Plutopia News Network
Owen McNally

Owen McNally is a researcher and technology analyst in Austin, Texas. An enduring theme in his work over recent decades is the analysis and evaluation of technology based on humanistic principles. After completing undergraduate studies in Psychology at the University of Dallas, he turned in the early 1990’s to studying cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence, the pre www internet, and cyberpunk culture. After completing graduate work in psychology at Duquesne University, he joined a series of software development teams as a usability and quality assurance tester. He subsequently earned an interdisciplinary PhD at the University of Texas at Austin, with a program of work in Medical Cognitive Science, and has taught college level software design, cognitive studies, psychology, research methods, and statistics for the behavioral sciences. In recent years his work has been in the areas of research for investors in cybersecurity, neurotech, AI, logistics and hospital technology.

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