Plutopia Interview: David DeMaris aka DJ Dr. Strangevibe

by Plutopia News Network
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David Demaris aka Dr. Strangevibe

David DeMaris is a brilliant convergent renaissance man. By day he’s engaged in the design of VLSI (very large-scale integration) systems, but his interests also include nonlinear dynamics and oscillation phenomena in networks (applications to signal processing, pattern recognition, perceptual and cognitive modeling), scientific visualization, user interface design, usability, adaptive design methods, and algorithmic composition techniques in music and visual arts. He’s a jazz musician, a visual projection artist, and the finest DJ we know. He was also an important contributor at the genesis of Plutopia’s projects, managing our first installation, the DIY Home of the Future at Austin’s Maker Faire in 2007, and giving us our name (a mashup of “pluralist utopias”). Dave joined Scoop and I for a far-reaching discussion, focusing quite a bit on the state and future of music.

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