Susan Engelking: Community MicroMobility

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Susan Engelking

Recorded March 26, 2019.

Susan Engelking is a mobility disruptor, a tireless advocate for “Tiny Transit” and LEAN mobility. Her new book, Tiny Transit: Cut Carbon Emissions In Your City Before It’s Too Late, is a friendly how-to guide for cities and climate activists. She describes herself as sort of a Janie Appleseed, casting the LEAN mobility message — protected infrastructure for micromobility — around the country in search of people who resonate with this paradigm change and want to bring it to their cities.

She is founder and executive director of the nonprofit Institute for Community MicroMobility. Her mission is to educate cities and climate activities to develop protected networks for low speed, low cost, low emission modes like Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), scooters of all kinds, pedicabs, electric assist bicycles, and active modes.

She’s had a consulting firm for twenty years. Over time, she became such an advocate for micromobility that she shifted her business to Tiny Transit Strategies.

Her background is economic development. She has the distinction of having served as project manager or senior editor for each of the three long range economic development plans for Austin from 1984 through 2000. She’s been named Austin Communicator of the Year.

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