Tom Parish: The Human Use of AI

by Plutopia News Network
Photo of Tom Parish.

Technologist, thought leader and podcaster Tom Parish joins the Plutopia Podcast as we explore developments in artificial intelligence, privacy, the Internet of Things, and job security.

Tom Parish:

The difference about AI is there’s so much Hollywood myth associated with gloom and doom and what’s going to come in – the end of the world and all that. And a lot of worry about how it’s going to impact jobs. I began to think, look, it’s going to happen, it’s not going away. And one of the most amazing things about this version of AI is that it’s so reflective of who you are. You know, it can reflect back to so many different aspects of your own personality. It can seem almost like a real entity itself. And so when I thought about that from the perspective of where do we really want to go with this, especially if you were looking for employment, what’s ultimately more important than just knowing something about AI if you are out on the job market again five years from now or ten years from now? It’s knowing about yourself. I use the mantra, be what the machines can’t be. Be more you, be more human.

Tom Parish is a thought leader and facilitator of conversations around technology and the problems of our times. Tom worked with AI researchers at the MIT AI Lab back in the 1980s, and he helped move Motorola’s IT infrastructure to a TCP/IP-based network in the 90s. He worked with Motorola’s first Internet Marketing Group. He has 30-plus years in management in networking, cloud computing, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and process control, enterprise software, mobile technology, customer relationship management, social media, AI, and multi-media production, as well as a career as a musician and a film colorist. And he’s produced a LOT of podcasts.

Key points:

  • AI is becoming increasingly powerful and accessible, and it is important to be aware of the risks associated with the technology.
  • AI has the potential to be a powerful tool for good, but it is important to use it responsibly.
  • Human creativity and empathy are essential in the age of AI.
  • Tom encourages people to focus on their unique strengths and to use AI to amplify their abilities.

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