Dark Brandon Rises!

by Plutopia News Network
Dark Brandon

Plutopians perform a deep dive into the Dark Brandon meme. We also look at Dark Maga… to woke or not to woke – that’s the question… Trump in ’24… Beto… Mar-a-Lago gate… and much more!

(Speaking about Darnold Trump:)

Jon: Apparently there is a law that says that if you, in public office, appropriate documents and misuse them or take them elsewhere, that you can no longer hold public office. So if they actually convict him for taking these documents, that might be it for him.

Scoop: There’s a whole problem with possessing and taking away things marked “Top Secret” and “Classified,” that’s known as espionage.

Suzy: Yeah, yeah. The fact that he… I mean, he just keeps lying, and getting caught lying. And the people who “work” for him keep getting caught in lies. Over, and over, and over, and I don’t understand at what point does this end and somebody pay a price.

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