Food and Frenzy

by Plutopia News Network
Photo of a Pike Place Market in Seattle

Plutopians wax poetic on food and drugs. We discuss low fat diets, vegan diets, hospital food, narcotic pain killers, psychedelics, hot sauce, and hot foods. No herbivores or apex predators were harmed during the production of this podcast!

Scoop: I’m from that school of thought where you’re only here so long, and if you avoid all these wonderful things, as you’re on your deathbed you go “I should’ve eaten that! And I didn’t.” So I’m trying to make sure that I don’t have any of those regrets.

Jon: I have an answer for that, though, which is that food has an impact on your quality of life. And if your quality of life is degraded by some problem that’s created by what you’ve eaten…

Suzy: Let’s define quality of life. For me quality of life is traveling and eating new things and, you know, if my health is degraded, that might not bother me so much.

Photo by Jon L.

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