Friedrich Moser: How to Build a Truth Engine

by Plutopia News Network
Photo of Friedrich Moser

Filmmaker Friedrich Moser is on a crusade for truth. His new film “How to Build a Truth Engine” features investigators from the fields of technology, journalism, folklore and neuroscience who show that if you can hack the information feed, you can hack somebody’s mind.

Friedrich Moser:

Anything that happened in the world would become the cornerstone of a new conspiracy story, like a small story. In some you have this web of conspiracy stories that grow together and then on top of that you see the formation of a real conspiracy. And that’s the conspiracy that led to January 6th and the capital riot because a lot of people who were there, and I’m not talking about the Proud Boys – I’m not talking about those, but like normal ordinary people. A lot of people who were there genuinely believed that they were there to save democracy. So their feedback loop system of the model of the world that is in the mind and the real world had been cut off by relying exclusively on this online community for information. And that’s a really dangerous thing.

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