Hugo Campos: Engaged and Empowered Patients

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Photo of Hugo Campos and Dave deBronkart

Hugo Campos’ efforts to liberate health data from implantable medical devices has drawn widespread praise and recognition. He joins e-Patient Dave deBronkart, a cancer survivor and an international keynote speaker on healthcare, on the Plutopia podcast.

Hugo Campos:

I think the trend has been from being passive patients to become engaged in participatory medicine, and the more, I think, tools become available and the more knowledge becomes available, we’ll continue moving toward more patient autonomy. I think so. We may not be prescribing our own medication ever, but I think there is a great chance for even AI to be able to help with diagnosis, and help with care, decision-making, and all of these things that are important in the life of a patient – where the healthcare system may not always be available to help.

Hugo Campos has been a creative director, art director, visual designer, marketer, computer programmer, and presentation coach. He is an advocate for patient autonomy, accountability, and access to health data. He was named a White House Champion of Change for Precision Medicine by President Barack Obama in 2015 for his data liberation advocacy. What particularly drives Hugo is a passion for participatory medicine, connected health, and patient empowerment through the use of technology.

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