Rob van Eijk: Hyper-Nudging

by Plutopia News Network
Photo of Rob van Eijk by Frank Jansen

Rob van Eijk, the Future of Privacy Forum’s Managing Director for Europe, joins Contributing Editor Wendy Grossman, Jon, and Scoop in this wide-ranging discussion about data privacy and advertising technology. We explore digital advertising, cookies, ad blockers, privacy law, AI and ads, and we ask the question, “What the heck is hyper-nudging?”

Rob van Eijk:

The fact that you interact with digital content makes it that your behavior will be recorded, but also, in real time, analyzed. And obviously we’re all individuals, we have many aspects in common, or course, but there are aspects that generative AI will be able to pick up, and then ads and value propositions can be changed according to that. So this is what I mean with “hyper-nudging,” and the statistical approach with AB testing works really well with being able to fine tune that communication that you have through digital advertisements and your web browsing behavior – to fine tune that to who we are.

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Photo by Frank Jansen

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