Patrick Lichty: Digital Art

by Plutopia News Network
Art: Techspressionist Still Life

Contemporary media artist Patrick Lichty returns for another conversation with Plutopians Scoop and Jon. In this conversation, we discuss the current state of digital art.

Pat is a Contemporary Media Artist, educator, professional writer/researcher, expert in Augmented/Virtual Reality/Drones, public speaker, and curator. He is a Herb Alpert/CalArts fellow, a TED Global exhibitor, and his writing on culture and art is widely published. As an activist and artist, he was part of or worked with the collectives RTMark, Pocha Nostra, The Yes Men, Terminal Time, Second Front, Shared Universe, and Critical Art Ensemble, showing in the Venice and Whitney Bienniales. His writing on VR, AR, and media culture are widely published, and for 10 years he was Editor in Chief of Media Arts Journal Intelligent Agent, published by Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of the Whitney Museum of American Art. He lives in Winona, MN.

Pat Lichty:

Digital art is finally getting accepted in the, what I’d say, the high art ecosphere, between museums and galleries and collectors and that sort of thing and you know, there’s been different names for this stuff like, you know, cyberart – that’s kind of where we started into this, then new media, then post internet art, then now we’re kind of getting into digital art, which is, you know, there’s a lot of stuff with the guarantee of it, you know, and this has been the big thing with digital art, you know, how can we guarantee this as something that you can collect or sell and that has to do with verifying it on the blockchain.

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