Plutopian Jam: Worms Ate Our Brains

Jon and Scoop babble on...

by Plutopia News Network
Clowns at Tinkertown. Photo by Jon Lebkowsky

In this episode of the Plutopia Podcast, hosts Jon and Scoop engage in a wide-ranging discussion covering various topics, including the ongoing ransomware attack at Ascension Seton hospitals, solar flares, science fiction, billionaire bunkers, and QAnon conspiracy theories. They also touch on the upcoming debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, speculating on Trump’s debate tactics. The conversation highlights Plutopia’s commitment to freewheeling discussions, even if they occasionally veer off into humorous, speculative, or strange territory. The episode provides a blend of current events, personal anecdotes, and societal commentary, reflecting the eclectic nature of our podcast.

Jon: Biden and Trump are going to have a couple of debates, or Trump is going to have a couple of debates, whether he will let Biden get a word in edgewise is another question.

Scoop: Yeah, he’s not real good at following the rules of decorum and debate. He just wants to scream and yell and interrupt. That’s how the last one’s were.

Jon: It’d be cool if Biden showed up with a bunch of black guys carrying bazookas.

Scoop: Okay…!

Jon: Terrorize Trump for a change.

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