Plutopian History, Analog Media, and Attacks on Democracy

Jon and Scoop ramble on, creating an idea buffet.

by Plutopia News Network
Image illustrating the current episode of PNN.

In this episode of the Plutopia Podcast, Jon and Scoop discuss the origin of the name “Plutopia” as well as the organization, and its connection to digital convergence. We also discuss the importance of democratic principles. Jon delves into the history of the Plutopia News Network, while Scoop shares his passion for analog technology. They touch on political issues, including conservative attacks on democracy, and the nostalgic allure of the 1950s for some people. The conversation also covers their experiences with high-tech events in Austin and the broader implications of technological advancements on society.

(Thanks to ChatGPT for the image, especially the flattering representations of “Jon” and “Scoop”… looks nothing like us, but we like it!)

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