Roy Casagranda on Politics

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Dr. Roy Casagranda, Professor of Government at Austin Community College, and wise observer of politics, returns to the Plutopia podcast. Roy is also a political philosopher, aspiring feminist, author, internationalist, struggling revolutionary. We discuss the January 6th hearings, the Supreme Court vs. abortion, gerrymandering, angry and frightened voters, dog whistles, and 2024 presidential hopefuls.

Basically the United States has turned into an oligarchy, and it’s run by nine and a half people. Because the President still has some influence through executive orders, but for the most part, even Biden can’t rule. So it’s basically these nine people, with Biden occasionally doing an executive order. And that’s not what Madison intended. The Republicans are always like “we need to follow the Consitution,” and I’m at the point where I’m like, “It’s not a great document, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the garbage we have now.”

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Roy is also author of The Blood Throne of Caria, a historical fiction.

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