Laurie Kaye: Confessions of a Rock ‘N’ Roll Name Dropper

by Scoop Sweeney
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December 8th…1980
A deranged young man assassinated John Lennon. That same day an RKO Radio crew recorded what would prove to be Lennon’s final interview. RKO’s Dave Sholin and Laurie Kaye interviewed John Lennon and Yoko Ono in their apartment at the Dakota in New York.

On December 8th 2023, Laurie Kaye’s memoir Confessions of a Rock N Roll Name Dropper is set for release. Laurie joins the Plutopia Podcast this time as we discuss her book and explore the events in her life that led to the interview that still haunts her.

Laurie Kaye:

The entire interview was so amazing to me. And even though I knew how John and Yoko had met and got together, John and Yoko both told me the entire story of their original meetup. And it was so cool. And not only that, but their first date, which was two years later, and how that ended up being the night that they recorded Two Virgins. And the next morning, when the sun came up, ended up making love for the first time. And it was so beautiful to hear them talk about that and remember it and just see the looks on their faces and the joy of memory. And not only that, but leading up to it, John talking about how excited he was to hear Yoko sing while he was singing and how she brought out in him all the different parts of his recording ability.

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