We’re not mentioning Trump by name!

by Plutopia News Network
Picture of he who shall not be named.

Plutopia Live was on vacation hiding from the heat – but last week the weather was lowered from molten lava to merely hellish so we resumed our regular Thursday show on YouTube (9/21/2023).

Join us now for a rebroadcast of that show where we discuss the former president who shall not be named, fascist takeovers, social media, brain implants, and much more. And we’re not mentioning Donald Trump by name! At least, we’re trying not to do that…

He who shall not be named is a master of self-promotion, and he often uses his name to generate attention. By not mentioning him by name, can we deprive him of this attention? And let him know that we don’t think he’s a “leader,” just a con man with a bad attitude.

Jon: I just want to frame a conversation here, and we don’t have to talk about for very long, if you don’t want to, but this guy, this guy who shall not be named, the one that we’re not gonna talk about, – you could call him a juggalo or something like that.

Scoop: Yeah, well, Trump has been–

Jon: I don’t think he’s gonna have a receptive audience there.

Scoop: He’s been a union buster for most of his life. I mean, his entire family was built on that. They didn’t allow unions at any of his companies.

Jon: You mentioned his name. You’re not supposed to do that.

Suzy: I didn’t say his name.

Jon: It wasn’t you, it was Scoop!

Jon: Get a gallon of liquor.

Scoop: Okay this is the “his name we shall not say” jar. So I’m putting a quarter in.

Suzy: Oh, nice. Nice, nice, nice.

Jon: We’re all gonna get rich!

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