Patrick Lichty: Distributing the Future

by Plutopia News Network
Dall-E generated art depicting The Future!

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” ~ William Gibson, in The Economist, 12/4/2003

“This isn’t the dystopia that I wrote about!” ~ Bruce Sterling

Artist, writer, and curator Patrick Lichty returns to the Plutopia podcast as we explore the future. We do a deep dive into Web3, crypto, bad actors on the Internet, Meta and the Metaverse, Second Life, science fiction and life on Mars.

Picture of eyeball with shadow.

Patrick Lichty: “It’s kind of funny… I wound up doing a lot of study on the whole Martian thing, because a friend of mine over in the UAE and I, we were actually proposing a VR habitat for people in Mars colonies. Because you’re going to wind up in these relatively cramped quarters, or you’re going to be on a ship for two years, and that sort of thing, and you need a way to feel like you’re not in a can. So this is one really good psychological use for VR.”

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