Ritika Gopal: Copyright Law and the Internet

by Plutopia News Network
Ritika Gopal

In this recording of the October 13, 2020 EFF-Austin meeting, Ritika Gopal discusses the current state of copyright law, and its ability to address modern-day forms of artistic expression.

In a time when brick-and-mortar venues are closed, consumers rely on digital platforms for entertainment, communication, and human connection. Streamed content from DJs and other artists, through platforms such as Twitch and Facebook, play an increasing role in our consumption of media.

Can the current copyright regime address the collage art forms of the internet era — e.g., mixes, mashups and memes? Should it?

Ritika Gopal is an in-house lawyer at WP Engine. She specializes in transactional, IP, and privacy law. Her past work experience includes stints at the Wikimedia Foundation, The Walt Disney Company, and most recently, SXSW.

She is deeply fascinated by the uncharted growth of copyright, IP, privacy, and free speech law in the context of emerging technologies and online communication. She’s also interested in budding tech policy issues — particularly those stemming from the democratization of knowledge and open access to information. Outside of tech-law, Ritika enjoys disco/funk music, film photography, and diving into spicy ramen on a chilly night.

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