Robert Freeman Wexler: Surreality

by Plutopia News Network
Image of Robert Wexler

In our latest Plutopia News Network podcast, with guest Robert Freeman Wexler, we discuss his early career, his work in book design and his new novel, The Silverberg Business.

Robert Freeman Wexler is an author of surreal fantasy. His latest book is novel, The Silverberg Business, from Small Beer Press. Previous books include short story collection Undiscovered Territories, the novel The Painting And The City, and Circus of the Grand Design. He lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio with the writer Rebecca Kuder.

RFW (re. The Siverberg Business/): I intended it, or had visualized it, as a novella, because I was working on another novel. Then I had this idea – I thought I can write it pretty quickly, I’ll write this novella. And then I wrote the novella, and gave it to some people to read. One person thought that it was maybe only halfway finished, and I didn’t like that answer. But it turned out to be true. So I wrote the rest of it. So in that case, I had more of a sense of that first part, and then I knew what was going to happen next, once I got back to the writing. And then after that, it kind of fell into place.

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