Exploring Political Madness

by Plutopia News Network
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Midterms are coming, and already-hot political discussions and divisions are getting even HOTTER. The Plutopian (Groucho) Marxists are on it! This podcast is a recording of our Plutopia Livestream from 10/13/2022.

Plutopia’s Not Ready for Cable News players return for another free-form fiesta of political foolishness. Jon, Suzy and Scoop dissect a wide range of political potholes, including the January 6th hearings, Alex Jones, Beto and Abbott, the Great Replacement Nonsense, taxes, Jewish space lasers, and… beer enemas?

Jon: So you have all of these “Grand Old Party” people who don’t consider themselves to be public servants, they’re just basically lunging for power. And part of what they’re doing in order to take power is that they’re playing culture games. Fighting culture wars.

Suzy: That’s all it is. They want laws because what’re they gonna do with those of us that they disagree with, or don’t like. They’ve gotta get us for the small amounts of marijuana, and throw us in jail, right? Is it willful ignorance, or is it just rabid xenophobia that we’re dealing with on the right?

Scoop: There’s a lot of those people out there that – they’ve always voted Republican, and they’ve been basically bullied into holding their noses and voting one more time for another guy that they don’t like. They’ve been doing that for the last 20 years. Hold your nose, and vote for this guy, even though he’s an idiot and will probably embarrass the whole party.

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