Eliza Evans: All the Way to Hell

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All the Way to Hell

Eliza Evans experiments with sculpture, print, video, and textiles to identify disconnections and absurdities in social, economic, and ecological systems. She carefully researches initial parameters of each work, which evolve as a result of interaction with people, time, and weather. Her latest environmental art project, “All the Way to Hell,” has appeared in the New York Times, Art in America, Hyperallergic (leading contemporary art site), The Brooklyn Rail, and other art publications.

In a previous life Eliza was an academic focused on economic development and entrepreneurship via her research role at the IC2 Institute at UT Austin, and later in a nonprofit that forged private/university relationships. I took my first art class, Drawing 101, at Austin Community College in summer 2012. Since 2014 she’s been what she describes as an itinerant artist, living in more than 20 locations, including New Mexico, New York, and Tennessee.

All the Way to Hell

From the website:

“‘All the Way to Hell’ converts 1000 individual gestures into a new form of environmental resistance at the intersection of property law, fossil fuel business practice, and bureaucracy.

“All the Way to Hell LLC is transferring its mineral rights to 1000 people. Because it costs developers just as much to acquire 500 acres as it does small properties—they have to track down owners, negotiate leases, and file documents with the county clerk—this aggressive fragmentation of the property will inhibit fossil fuel interest in it. The aim is to make mineral rights as inconvenient and expensive to acquire as possible.”

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