Jeanne Mozier: “The World Had to Change”

by Plutopia News Network
Jeanne Mozier

Maggie and Scoop interview Jeanne Mozier, a popular astrologer and speaker. Her understanding of both politics and astrology inform her wide-ranging predictions.

Jeanne holds degrees in political science from Cornell and Columbia universities. Her professional background includes research, planning and electoral politics. She has worked through the years for both Republican and Democratic candidates at every level from city, county and state to national. “I support the person not the party,” she says. Jeanne comes by her passion for American history through her family roots: she is a direct descendant of John Morton, Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Jeanne lives in her adopted hometown of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. She is one of the best-known people in the small city, and commands recognition throughout the state of West Virginia thanks to her decades-long efforts in arts, tourism, and history.

In our discussion with Jeanne, she discusses how she predicted the current turmoil, and her hope that we’re heading into a period of progressive energy.

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