Mark Dery: A Gorey Life

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Mark Dery

Born to Be PosthumousWriter and cultural critic Mark Dery has written (and fed into) cyberculture, Afrofuturism (a term he coined), and evil clowns, but his latest work is about the surreal illustrator and writer Edward Gorey, who said “My mission in life is to make everybody as uneasy as possible. I think we should all be as uneasy as possible, because that’s what the world is like.” Mark is lately author of Born to Be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey, a detailed biography covering Gorey’s life and work. Mark joined Plutopians Scoop, Maggie and Jon while visiting Austin for an SRO talk at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas.

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Mark Dery: Let's Get Lost August 27, 2019 - 9:23 pm

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