Michael Tobis: Heat Wave!

with Michael Tobis

by Plutopia News Network
Image of flaming earth

Climate scientist Michael Tobis returns to join Plutopians as the planet continues to bake and burn. We discuss the Canadian wildfires, climate change, and political roadblocks to finding a solution.

I think most of the members of the so-called conservative party here are going to be climate deniers, too. Especially since many of them – the bulk of them – are from Alberta, which is the Texas of the north, if you’ll pardon. It’s basically petroleum, ranching, and cold instead of petroleum, ranching, and hot. There’s been a lot of cultural overlap – there’s a longstanding resentment of the east and the power centers that feeds into this. So the yahoos are out in force here, sorry to say.

(Image by Cristian Ibarra from Pixabay)

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