Nathan Wilcox: The Flip Side

by Plutopia News Network
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Blogger and podcaster Nathan Wilcox returns to the Plutopia podcast. We explore the emergence of ChatGPT, music and art created with artificial intelligence, the evolution of dance music, changes in the Austin music scene, streaming music, and of course, politics!

“Nathan Wilcox: I’m very excited about the potential for AI in music-making. I guarantee you that’s where the next big wave of musical innovation is going to come out of. It’s going to come from kids getting their hands on this cheap AI technology, feeding songs the like, songs they don’t like, into it, to see what weird shit pops out of it, and then editing that to make something out of it. If you just take raw AI-generated music, it’s generally not that listenable, but if you get a musician working on it, and they can find those things – you know, the way AI art will have too many fingers on your hands, or whatever, too many eyes on your face – they’ll get those valley of the uncanny weirdness, and then be able to put it into a structure that works like a song.”

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