Patrick Lichty: NFTs and Artechnology

by Plutopia News Network
Image of Patrick Lichty

Patrick Lichty is a conceptual artist, curator, and theorist. He explores how media shape our perception of reality, as well as the borders between the digital and the material.

Pat describes himself as “a culturally engaged human being who’s involved in art, writing, art curation, and technoculture.”

With Scoop and Jon, Pat discusses art, technology (including NFTs and AI), and cryptocurrency. He answers the question, “what the hell is a non-fungible token?”

“The one thing that the art world could not verify, because of its reproducibility, is digital art. You could go and take something and put it on bittorrent, and nine million people could get a copy of it, and it’s just as good as the original one. The thing is that the art market, and other exclusive markets, are based on scarcity. So in other words, I’ve got this thing that has value because other people say it has value, and they don’t have it. This is something that I can sell again. That’s where the art world really got interested in NFTs.”

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