David Demaris: AI and Technology Power

by Plutopia News Network
AI visualization.

Computer engineer and AI expert David Demaris joins Jon, Suzy and Scoop on this episode of the Plutopia podcast. We discuss ChatGPT and artificial intelligence, Microsoft’s Bing chatbot, deep fakes, dangerous technologies, bad actors, and much more. Will ChatGPT take over the world? What is artificial intelligence, and how does it differ from human intelligence? How can we ensure that artificial intelligence is used to promote human well-being?

I feel like we have several technologies that have suddenly landed here, including this kind of AI that sort of really works and isn’t a joke, and thinks like CRISPR, that let an individual or small group kind of get in and start doing some serious DNA hacking, and suddenly we have this situation where an individual has a lot of power to cause mayhem. That can happen, and a lot of people that have that same technology but don’t cause mayhem, a lot of people who can do good with those technologies, but just the mayhem factor is pretty new, and I think in society the closest thing is whenever we had the second amendment or something, and somebody said, “Yeah, everybody ought to be able to have a gun to protect themselves against bears, or indigenous who don’t like us. The mayhem that you could create with one of those blunderbusses was pretty small scale, unless you could get everybody else to go along with your mayhem plan. But that is not quite the case with these technologies.”

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