Everything you didn’t know about Texas…but didn’t care enough to ask!

by Scoop Sweeney
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This time on the Plutopia podcast, our friend Screamish Joy joins Jon and Scoop, as we discuss all things Texan. In this rebroadcast of our March Second live show, the Plutopians reveal everything you didn’t know about Texas….but didn’t care enough to ask!

Screamish Joy: “I remember going places and people being like…because we were raised this way is like do you know your state song or do you know your state bird or do you know your state this or that. It’s like people just stare at me like I’m crazy you know like no, why would we know all those things? It’s like well because you know it’s ingrained in you and I think that’s an aspect of our culture that at one time felt very connected now we feel very just disparate you know. I do have like some bond you know like memories of being a Texan. I don’t just have like full-blown Texas shame.”

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