More Monsters from the Id

by Plutopia News Network
Photo from "This Island Earth"

Before the Internet changed the way we experienced movies, dark theaters, and late night tv were the sole venues where sci-fi and horror fans could get a regular fix of cheap movie thrills. This time, on the Plutopia podcast, Jon, Scoop and Maggie discuss their favorite classic films, from the golden age of sci-fi and horror.

Jon: They had Kid Shows then, on Saturday morning. So you’d go down Saturday morning, and take your milk carton, or whatever mordido that you used to get into the movie. Where, as Scoop will remember, all you had to have was your Gandy’s half-gallon milk carton (laughter). Empty half-gallon milk carton…

Scoop: My Mom asked what happened to the milk on Saturday morning, when I was headed off to the movie. I just told her I drank all the milk!

Jon: You didn’t pour it down the sink, did you?

Scoop: Of course, I did! I wasn’t that big a milk fan.

Jon: Yeah, I mean – this was a great thing about that era. I don’t know that there’s anyplace in the world that they do this now.

Maggie: Well, you guys had that story of the theater… for me, I’m about ten-ish years behind y’all. You know, so it was late 60s or early 70s for me. And we didn’t have the theater thing, but we had a really great UHF station in the D.C. area. It was always this thing, like, in the morning you would have Saturday morning cartoons, which is great, and I could have my Quisp or my Quake cereal, and then in the afternoon, it was all the old sci-fi and horror movies. So I have this fondness for that time, it was so cool… scared the crap out of me!

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