Jaquita Wilson on Politics

We discuss the indictment of Donald Trump, among other things.

by Plutopia News Network
Photo of Jaquita Wilson

Activist and political consultant Jaquita Wilson in a rebroadcast of our March 30th live show. We discuss the indictment of Donald Trump, announced only hours earlier. We also explore the job requirements for a Republican politician.

Jaquita Wilson: See, this is the thing I was trying to talk about the other day around local politics, right. We’re discussing somebody that’s of Trump’s stature. Understand there are a lot of big players who are invested in his behavior and his run. That’s why he can say and do the things he can say and do. That’s why he’s going to always keep lawyers, that’s why there are going to be millions of dollars raised for him. It’s all going to happen for him because him, doing what he’s doing, is helping China, is helping Russia, is helping a lot of these oligarchs. So they’re going to have a little money… “I might not be able to give you money for your campaign, legally, any more, kinda, but can I give money for your defense? Absolutely.”

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