2021 Redux!

by Plutopia News Network
This machine kills fascists - by Katie Moum

In this episode of the Plutopia podcast, Jon and Scoop check in with an obituary for 2021 and its politics. Our dynamic duopoly wax poetic about fascism, the election fraud fraud (aka the big lie), red pill versus blue pill, Covid, and cryptocurrency.

No politicians were injured in production of this podcast (but we seriously tried)!

Scoop: There were a lot of German scientists that worked for the Nazi party back during the war, that all of a sudden became good American citizens, working at NASA, of all places – and DARPA, and lots of other high tech government agencies. You could go into any building in Los Alamos, New Mexico and yell ‘Seig Heil,’ and you’d have a lot of people jumping up and saying, ‘Oh, sorry, I forgot what country I was in! Never mind!’

Jon: And you also had – particularly Werner Von Braun was associated with Disney, appearing in Disney documentaries. And it’s okay – people change. It could be that these guys put their fascist past behind them, and became good Americans, devoted to democracy. But it’s still a fact that we have people who really believe that democracy is just a bad thing.

Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

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